FEVER Training with Perk
Born and raised in North Carolina, John “Perk” Perkinson says he learned early on how precious life is.  “My father worked for a funeral home, and I would spend time going to cemeteries.  I remember asking my Dad why people were crying, and he said someone had died.  Naturally, I asked what ‘dying’ was, and he told me that sometimes people go to sleep, and never wake up.  When I asked him if that would happen to me, he nodded yes…and, that’s the day I decided I would live my life to the fullest!”

After graduating from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication, Perk headed west to study guitar at the prestigious Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, California.   He followed guitar school with live performances at the top L.A. clubs, recorded 2 albums, won awards, toured the United States, and even made two trips to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to perform for the troops stationed on the base. Perk Traveler Compass Film Sitting

Also performing as an actor, Perk has worked in Film and TV, as well as appearing in commercials and print ads.  Perk says, “the entertainment industry can be extremely challenging, and pushes you to be better than you ever thought possible…I love it!”  In 2007, Perk’s life changed direction.  In a sudden flash of inspiration, he created a personal development system called “FEVER Training.”   Perk explains, “I began noticing that many people seemed to have difficulty staying happy.  Perk took the word “FEVER” and used it as an acronym for a 5-step process to get happy, and stay there.  Focus, Energize, Visualize, Engage, and Rejoice are the 5 steps of FEVER Training.  Perk explains, “I used FEVER Training on myself, and I realized the dream I had been chasing for 15 years (being a “rock star”) was not what I really wanted.

Perk FEVER Training Seminar

I discovered a new part of myself that wanted to help others…all around the world!”  Since that day, Perk has been developing and expanding FEVER Training, and recently presented his first Seminar at Edgemar Center for the Arts, in Santa Monica, California.  He is currently developing a TV Show that follows the personal FEVER Training sessions with his clients.


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