Welcome to FEVER Training!

August 1, 2009

What do you want?
What’s your dream?
What are your goals?

Unfortunately, many people can’t answer this question!  This is what FEVER Training is all about…establishing your goals and using the 5 elements of FEVER to achieve them!

The 5 Steps of FEVER Training are:
FOCUS your mind…
ENERGIZE with a positive memory…
VISUALIZE your success…
ENGAGE in specific actions…
REJOICE for what you already have!

You can tune in to the FEVER Training Radio Show every Saturday at noon (Pacific Time), and listen to past episodes on the Radio Show page!

If you’re interested in Personal FEVER Training Sessions, or having Perk as a Speaker for your event, fill out the Contact Form today!

Oh, and by the way…how many DAYS old are you? Find out here!
(You live your life in days, not years, right?)


One Response to “Welcome to FEVER Training!”

  1. Kori Clausen said

    That was hilarious, it would be so easy to say “wow, what a coincidence” but we know better! Well let me know if this works again. ( clintonclausen@aol.com )
    Enjoy your night out! Kori

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